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1205 E. Preston Street

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ART & Photography

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I MISSION in life is to be creative and influential. 

Throughout my childhood I have had an extraordinary passion 

for bringing audiences to their feet in bursts of 

rapid applause. I've hone these talents 

throughout my adolescence years, producing 

vibrant productions in the basement of my 

childhood home and educational intuitions. My 

assiduity to detail and enthusiasm for the arts 

allows me to express organic creativity, to 

produce simple yet effective results. 

The humanitarian arts have afforded me the 

opportunity to influence learn and grow as an artist, while craving new 

challenging endeavors. After seven years of financial and personal 

hardships, I received my Bachelor of Arts in Studio Art from the University 

of Maryland at College Park. Overwhelmed with economic adversaries, my 

dedication for success allowed me to always work diligently to perfect my 

Moreover, throughout recent years I have become a vortex figure in my 

community, working with multiple philanthropies through art related events. 

My creativity is ignited by experiences through faith and genuine love for all 

mankind, while growing up in Baltimore City, MD. Above all, I've learned 

that my creativity has enhanced my ability to communicate through 












As an artist I am interested in the urban experience. My latest project 1205 E.Preston Street intends to depict what many view as an unaesthetic form of urban decay into interesting and powerful photography. My work will express the beauty I find in and around these spaces.

Often times urban spaces are looked over or in many cases lean toward the genre of hip-hop or street art-forms. As an Artist who tends to go against the grain, I will continue to express the urban landscape as a form of fine Art. From the texture found in the chipped paint and exposed brick to the forms created by mold and mildew. Nothing discarded will be left behind.

In addition to my theme of urban decay I enjoy sharing intimate and personal experiences. My work in 1205 E. Preston Street depicts the home I grew up in post our vacating of the premises. This work attempts to express my adolescent memories and lifestyle. The same lifestyle that many inner city youth experience.


​Earl o mELVIN